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Integrated solutions for corporate governance and the management of knowledge-intensive enterprises.
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“This is the first time that I have seen my whole organization, from top to bottom, the way it really works - - as opposed to the way people with parochial interests want me to believe that it works!”                                                     

Chaiman & CEO of a Fortune 100 company
Organizational Transparency
Metrics and Leading Indicators
Managing the Process of Change

EnCompass is a revolutionary management system that captures, integrates, and presents the knowledge diffused throughout the organization in a visual form that is readily understood and analyzed.

EnCompass creates accurate and validated 3D representations and quantitative in-process metrics of organizational processes, as well as leading indicators of performance and potential problems.
EnCompass aligns organizational processes with business processes and systems, provides in-process metrics of progress in implementations, and a visual tool for monitoring the progress of change initiatives.

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